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Tuesday, January 31, 2006 


Ever wonder what a liberal hears when President Bush gives a State of the Union address? Well, here ya go! I laughed my self silly when I saw it.

Hooah Wife wonders what the point is anymore...
You'd think that with a President addressing a joint session of Congress before a nationally televised audience that this would be the stuff of high drama, but in reality it has become a carefully choreographed performance complete with predictable applause and symbolic guest who underscore the President's message. This is not a criticism of President Bush, but rather an observation on a political ritual that seems to have become meaningless. Political junkie that I am - I'll probably still watch it, though.
Yeah me too... but not without a few laughs at the 'I'm crapping my pants' looks that are sure to be on the faces of blowhards like Kennedy, Kerry, Clinton, Schumer, Feinstein, and of course Reid.

Conservababes are going to be all over it, although through forced sobriety...
The Sage and I will be "live-blogging" the SOTU tonight - and I'm sure the Sage will ask me to subject myself to the dem's "response", too. Being pregnant and all, I can't drink myself into a nice, pleasant haze through which to watch it, either.
That's gonna leave a mark.

There is always that reason we watch car races, for the wrecks. You never know whether or not Kennedy's lid is going to finally blow as he gyrates uncontrollably in his seat while the DT's creep in, whether the staples holding Pelosi's face on suddenly give way revealing her true identity, or if the Prez is going to turn into a stammering mess as he attempts to lay out his strat-eeeeg-ery.

I sure wish there was a cam on Algore's cell in the insane asylum so we can watch him turn every possible shade of purple.

It's always fun to see moonbatty anxiousness before the speech too...
Cue that beautiful bean footage:
as for myself - i won't listen to lies. i have refused to listen to any of king george's speeches, and i'm not going to start now. he doesn't write them himself and he can't even read them without stumbling. the b.s. he spouts is just intolerable. within seconds i will be screaming at the television, if not hurling projectiles at it.

no, i'm sure i can find a good movie.
I think Brokeback Mountain is still in the theaters.

You can't pay me enough to go see the insanity that's being written at the Kos right about now... At least they're allowing the whackos in Algore's insane asylum access to the internet... keeps 'em busy.

I can't wait until President Bush welcomes Sam Alito tonight at the State of the Union. I hope there is a close up of Senator Kennedy and Senator Boxer... Who says spontaneous human combustion isn't real? Just keep an eye on those two....

I would pay cash money to hear the line "Welcome to Samuel Alito, the newest justice on the Supreme Court. Who despite the best leftist moonbat efforts was confirmed".

I'm pretty sure he'll save the moonbat lines for the '08 speech though.

Guess you can make anyone say anything about anything or anyone or whatever I said? Live or Memorex

Must have been typing in my sleep? Live or Memorex ;-D

I went to that "as for myself" site and talk about a koolaid drinker. If the Dems lose an election the excuse is somebody cheated! There is just no way for them to lose, somebody had to cheat!!

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