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Thursday, January 12, 2006 

Who Exactly is the Enemy Here?

600 Listen to Critic of Iraq War
In an emotional two-hour public forum in Arlington last night on the Iraq war, one of the Bush administration's chief critics, Rep. John P. Murtha (D-Pa.), renewed his call for an immediate pullout, saying, "We've become the enemy."
How much longer do our brave troops have to put up with this crap? This following Murtha's asanine statements discouraging people from joining our armed forces last week... unbelievable...

Sgt. Mark Seavey had no problem standing up against this seditious freak of nature. (As seen on Michelle Malkin's site back on the 7th)
Sgt. Mark Seavey to Murtha and Moran: "I don't know who you two are talking to but the morale of the troops is very high."
The Political Teen also has the video.
Greyhawk at The Mudville Gazette has an excellent write-up detailing Murtha's seditious statements over the last several months.

So again I ask... Who Exactly is the Enemy Here??

I think they may be equals as enemies.

This weekend I'm going to do a post on my feelings on the Congressman.

Amen CP!!

Right again Brah!

If anyone wants to know how the soldiers feel--go to anysoldier.com and read their comments or go to milblogging.com and read their blogs!

There are several ways to send pkgs or mail. Make it a habit!

Speaking of discouraging people from joining the armed forces- have you seen where the SEALS are actually having to recruit?

Freakin' traitors.
Murtha should be tried and then given the appropriate punishment.

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