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Wednesday, February 01, 2006 

First of all I would like to Thank...

...getting the award acceptance speech ready... as if.

So... there is an award that I have to earn votes for and I'm not quite sure how to do it.

In the politics category I see Insolublog is playing the humble shy aww shucks guy in this race. Yeah I know I nominated the guy but seeing how he posts once a month now, I figured I was lining up some weak competition... unfortunately for me how can you not love his writing? Even if it is only done once a month'ish.

The Man takes a page out of the PDiddy tactic-book of threatening death for those who do not vote. Luckily he will not have to kill himself for he did vote, and for me no less! ...schweet! Thanks dawg!

I could resort to just straight up begging, as Doc has reduced himself to yet again in another award nomination.

Ahem, this is my FIRST! award nomination for anything in my entire life! I would never reduce myself to begging for what I want...

...what's that hunny?
No, I'm not talking about THAT!

Or I could do as every good politician does and resort to making promises I could never keep... Much like CUG has...

But no, I want to appeal to your higher conscience. I want you to take those precious three votes you possess in each category and very carefully consider your choices. The future of the blogging world may depend on it...

Therefore I have very carefully weighed and considered my choices with the utmost concern for truth and justice or something like that.

My allotment of 3 votes for Best so Far Political Blog go to:

The GunnNutt
PJ Maximum -now post sumthin will ya?
Crazy Politico's Rantings

A future vote or two will go to GOP and the City for voting for me so kindly.
sounds like a campaign promise to me

For the Best of So Far Linkfest Blog I voted for:

Basil's Blog
Jo's Cafe

How exactly did I get nominated for the linkfest category anyway? I'm such a slacker when it comes to open posts! But hey, I guess this can be considered a linkfest style post eh? Therefore, vote for me.

For Best of So Far Humor Blog I voted for:

Dr Phat Tony
The Conservative UAW Guy
Rooster Cashews

and for Best of So Far Personal Blog my votes go to:

Lingo Slinger
Support Your Local Gunslinger
Diane's Stuff

In the Best of so Far Religious Blog I voted for Adam's Blog.

As far as the Best of So Far Pet Blog goes...
Well, Conservative Cat gets a vote cuz his pet Bruce is so darn cute,
and Gigolokitty gets a vote just because gigolo's are kewl.

Well, let the voting begin!

Email BestSoFar@RightThinking.net with your 3 votes in the Political, Linkfest, and Personal Blog Categories for Peakah's Provocations!

Cuz I got the kewlest hat and toughest kid in the blogosphere...

I voted for you in both categories. Just like CUG, you OWE me! ;)

You got it Maria!

Thanks for the vote, I've got a few more to send in.

And by the way, you did get one of mine for linkfest. You'll probably get at least one more, unless of course a check from someone shows up in the mail soon :)

You are such a pal! Voting and linky-love and everything. And you already had my vote!

Hey Peahka, I'll vote for you as long as you vote for me in the gone for a long time but finally back category.

Since I have nothing to gain from this particular award, my votes can be bought (not unlike Kentucky elections...) All cash offers, gifts, and favors will be accepted... so give generously... I mean it. I'm waiting...

Seriously... you have my votes Josh. Diane does too. More votes placed later after I have had some coffee.

Aw, that' so sweet. Linky-love too. Thanks Peakah. :)

But nobody should vote for me. That would be way worse than voting libertarian b'cuz not only does nobody else care, I don't either! *G*


Uber: well sheesh... wuz just trying to spread the love, plus it gives me something to blog about for the time being seeing how I've had writers block lately.


It was worth a shot...
Email a few votes in for me anyway!

Of course you got my votes. And thanks again for the nod.

Hey People, I'm giving away gratutitious links if you start voting for me in Politics instead of Peakah :)

Peakah, Buddy, your killing Us...
Liberty Just In Case is your friend man...

Good job dude.

RC: sweetness brah

CP: you lobbying in my house for votes? I think we've just witnessed a blogging low my friends!

1 and 2, that's how it's comin out... which will be which? We shall see...

Peakah, you are more than welcome to do the same at my place.

It will be interesting to see how the voting turns out. Unfortunately my weekend travel schedule is going to make politicing for votes tough.

Matt: does this erase my debt to you? Or double it?

CP: now you're really breaking my heart! Travelling on superbowl weekend?? What kind of psycho are you? Unless of course that travel is including multiple trips to the fridge during the game.

GL Dawg.

ok... since you came and visited me and left me comments... i went to check out the voting and saw that you were tied for first in the poli blogs... so i hurried up and emailed my vote for you... so if my vote pushes you over the edge and wins.. then... well i dont know... i guess you'll be a winner!!!!! wooo hoooo!

Better start campaigning Killired style or you'll get passed up! Tied for 1st right now. lol, Lyn from Bloggin' Outloud

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