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Tuesday, January 31, 2006 

Crash and Burn

You would think I would have heard the *THUD*

I grew suspicious of how quiet the house became
and turned around and saw the lil guy just lying there!

With 4 year old idealism he would see that drop and think, piece of cake.
I guess he misjudged the distance to the couch.

Don't worry folks, he'll bounce back.
Between my wife and I, the kid has one hell of a hard noggin.

As soon as dinner starts cooking and the aroma hits the sinuses
he'll be up moaning I'm hung-wee

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
UPDATE: Insolublog seems to be investigating the scene for me and has begun interrogations. To satisfy his need for just the facts:
1. Notice the plastic spiderman belt broken on the floor
and the cape clutched in his hands...

...apparently these both malfunctioned and a lawsuit is being drawn up
against the manufacturers of these items along with a documented history
of repeated failures.

Tha Wease apparently has a nice future as a Products Tester for a defense contractor lining up for him.

Very funny, honey! Man the kids sleep in the weirdest places. I'm surprised he didn't wake up when I walked over him with a bag of Jack in the Box.

What's he clutching in his hands Peak?

As you can see on the floor next to his head was the remains of a plastic spiderman belt and in his hands is what I can only assume was a superman style cape...

...both of which apparently malfunctioned.

Cute victim of "super herodum!" Looks as though you are looking over a computer monitor - great location for blogging - dangerous area for tired "super heroes!"

Worried about you for a minute - the second part of this post seemed to be written by a liberal!

Is living at your house so bad that you have jumpers Peak?

DPT--that was funny 'nuff for a vote!

That is funny, one time my dad tried to fly off the roof of his house when he was a kid, good thing there where bushes below!!!

Hmmm, are we sure he didn't get helped over? Maybe we should start an investigation.....

How cute!!

chrys: that is our kids computer... probably froze up and drove my boy to jump.

DPT: Sure looks that way...

Linda: hey, all your votes are belong to me!

Ssssteve: yikes

CJ: you will be swiftly dealt with if you continue to speculate my motivations...

DM: even the chalk line was cute... awww little guy...

*GASP* at first glance i thought he fell from where the pix was taken... or did he cause by the looks of the crime scene, i cant tell...
well wait a minute... there's looks like what appears to be scratches on the railing so there must have been some sort of a struggle... hmmmm.... ;)

Killired: my wife crapped herself when she first saw my post...


I couldn't resist...

He was actually being punished by exile into the boring living room for fighting with his sister... he got bored to death and passed out.

Then out came the camera...

You know I hate it when people come over unexpectedly when I don't have a bra on. Especially the authorities. They are trained to look at every detail. And I did NOT "crap" myself. Gross!

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