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Tuesday, January 17, 2006 

Disgracing King's Name

Does this 'woman' really think she has a shot to be the President of the United States of America????

Before you answer that... Please watch the video at this Link...

Wow, is 2008 going to be a FUN year to blog!!

From the NY Daily News
Ever since being elected to the Senate, New York's junior senator has strived to persuade moderate and independent voters she's not just another Hollywood lefty.

But her likening of House Republican leaders to slave-era plantation overseers at least momentarily complicates her move-to-the-middle blueprint.

"The use of the word 'plantation' is terribly unwise," said Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia's Center for Politics. "It will just reinforce the view most Americans have of Hillary Clinton as being very liberal."

It could have been worse, Sabato added: "At least she didn't mention Hitler."
We still have time Larry... it will happen, she can't help herself...

Trackbacked by RightWinged with Hillary Clinton Tubman Lets Loose on Congressional Plantation. 'Wade in the Water' Hill.
...absolutely classic! You Rock Randy.

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OOOOOH I almost didn't know where I was this loaded so fast. LOL

She's got a lot of balls to stand up there and talk about this administration being the worse ever. LOL At least Bush isn't getting his knob polished in the oval office.

I think she needs to get laid but prostituting herself doesn't seem to be working.

Must have amnesia!!

Cathy: she makes me sick to my stomach... almost as much as watching that Galloway video a few posts back...

Diane: movin too quick for ya hon? If Bush was getting his knob polished you could bet that who ever mentioned it would be busted (cuz their wire is probably tapped) and they wouldn't be around long... (just kidding) Hitlery prostituting herself is one of the nastiest thoughts... can you visualize her "intense pleasure" face? Naaa, it would be an angry screw...

linda: Hitlery knows the media is going to have her back... it's going to be us bloggers who she will be unable to reign in! The next couple of election cycles are going to be so much fun to watch!!

These people have no shame.
And the press and her supporters will just brush it off as no biggie.

If she had an R in front of her name they would be calling (and most likely getting) her resignation.

CUG: there's NO DOUBT about that

Democrats keep going on and on about America needing a unifier and one thing can be said of the Hidabeast, she certainly is a unifier. Of the Republican party. There's nothing like her to make us all appreciate our differences and hold hands in unity while singing "Down with teh beast!" haha

Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

uber: that's just the evil conservative in you encouraging you to stay on the 'plantation'!!

Don't you know you're being oppressed! And Hitlery is the only one who can set you FREEEEEEEE!!!

...whoa, way too much soda...

Easy on the soda Peekah, or is that suds!

Anyways, I find myself starting to hate her as much as the left hates Bush. But, being the objective person I am, ha ha, I think she is much to emotional to win on the campaign trail. Her husband was polished, and not just in the oval office either, while speaking or at debates. She would be pitiful I think!!

Whoaa, went long on that one. Sorry.

Yeah, Sssstevie, that could've been a post on your blog! (Just like bamboo under the fingernails, aren't I ? ;) )

According to Rasmussen 25% would definitely vote for Hillary and 40% would definitely vote against the rest are undedecided.

Bush's approval rating tody is 44% what does that tell you about her chance? ;-)

Oh mind you she has a GOOD shot at the nomination the 25% for her are all the New Party stalwarts, I say New because the Old ones are being driven out of the Democratic Party on a regular basis.

So she CAN get the nomination against any serious opposition she can't win.

Think Karl Rove planned all this?

well if Karl Rove can manifest Hurricanes to destroy black areas of the country, rigging an election is childsplay...

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