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Sunday, February 05, 2006 

Who Knew?

Thanks to Lyn and beth for the Best of So Far January awards.
We're not going to go through this every month are we?
That was stressful!

Thanks to all who participated that was ummm... fun?

All I know is somehow I won in a category that had far better nominees than my site. But all I have to say about that is SCOREBOARD! Check the scoreboard y'all, I snagged a sweet yet close victory over my pals Insolublog and Liberty Just in Case.

Bettah luck next time guys...
Oh, now is where I announce my retirement from these award shows... gotta go out on top and seeing how I lucked out and stole this one (something I'm sure will never happen again) I'm outty 5000.

Thanks for voting for me y'all!

Oh and here's a reminder for the Bonfire of the Vanities...
Be sure and submit a post, I'm hosting!

Also stop by Basil's and leave me a question for the blogger interviews.
Interview coming up next week or two.

Happy SuperBowl people... time to eat way too many ribs...

Congratulations on your "Best So Far" Top Political Blog Award, January 2006 presented by Bloggin' Outloud. Keep up the great work. Lyn

Thanks Lyn, you were brave to start this madness... and to have done it all by hand?! You're much braver than I!

Good work

Had no idea what I was getting into. Lots of fun connecting with new bloggers, though (and the contrived controversy with David Drake - I'm assuming the same was true between CUG and DPT? lol).

Oh, and btw, congratulations on your "Best So Far" Honorable Mention, LinkFest Blog, January 2006 presented by Bloggin' Outloud. Keep up the great work. Lyn


Congrats! I think you should do a post about your teacher, Miss Reed, I think! And who knew all that was going on in the boys bathroom at school! lol

Congrats!! Well deserved!!

Congratulations you dog, you... :) Seriously, you deserve the award and we luv ya over here at NoisyRoom.net!!!

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Congrats, and thanks for the nomination. I ended up 4th, but next time I'll do better.

Congrats, Peak! You deserved it!

Many congrats Peakah! :)

Hey Brah, us little blogs look up to you big blogs Congrats!!! keep up the good work! You deserve it!!

I voted for you too, Peak. The mail got bounced from BestSoFar@RightThinking.net, so I am not sure it registered. Anyway, being second to a fine American like yourself is just fine with me.

It looks like Lyn got to be a playful primate too.

Congrats to you Josh! You had my votes.

BTW, How were the ribs?

Thank you thank you thank you...

can we now get on with tearing apart moronic journalists and politicians? *grin*

That award thing was fun and quite the ego booster but man I hope that doesn't happen every month!

Great job Lyn and Beth... just messin.

Oh and Ssssteve: big blog? Buwaaahahahah

Insol: careful what you call my friend Lyn... that'd get'cha slapped round these parts!

Cathy: approximately 2 and 1/2 racks... haven't eaten since...

A well-deserved congrats!!

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