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Tuesday, March 14, 2006 

8 Years Ago Today

I was pacing back and forth in my 800 sq foot apartment in Albuquerque while four of my good friends from Syracuse were shaking the haze from their hungover brains. I awoke bright and early, bright eyed and bushy tailed, and readied myself long before anyone else was approaching consciousness.

I was dressed in a black tux with white shirt and white bowtie & cumber bun with hours to go before I was to take the woman I was madly in love with as my wife. I had no idea what to do so I began wandering the neighborhood.

I visited the front office of the apartment complex where the mailboxes were to check a mailbox I knew was empty. I stopped in the 7-11 on the corner to buy some gum. I just needed something to do. I was anxious, excited, elated, and running on a seemingly unlimited supply of adrenaline, yet I had several hours to wait. So I walked... er rather, I floated around the neighborhood feeling like a million dollars in my rented tux.

The air was crisp, the sun was rising, and my hopes were soaring. I was soaking in every second of the most important day of my life as a continuous dialogue with God ran through my head thanking Him for this opportunity I was truly undeserving of. Yet every second seemed stretched such that the moment I had been waiting for still seemed years away.

I meandered over to the LDS chapel across the street where I was going to be pledging my life to my sweetheart. I knew she was getting ready to do the same for me, but I just had to sneak up on her. Being separated from her over the previous 24 hours felt like an eternity.

As I wandered around the building peeking into the rooms hoping to get an unauthorized view of my gorgeous bride, I saw members of the church in action setting up for our big day. Having no money, all the decorations, flowers, and food were being donated out of the goodness of the members' hearts to sanction our special day... despite the fact that we were members of the congregation for only a couple of months. When I found the room she was in, I peeked in to see her best friend Jen doing her hair in a sexy up-do... or whatever you women call it when flowing locks of blond hair is raised to expose an irresistibly kissable neck.

When I was busted cheating a peek, screams from the bridesmaids broke the quiet of the room as the door was promptly shut on my face. All I could do was smile from ear to ear. I was immediately ushered out of the building by the smiling members who were perhaps vicariously reliving their own glory days.

That day was a day I had wished for since my adolesence and remains a day that I fondly cherish still. We had a simple and sweet ceremony and were married by the Bishop who was so proud of us that even he had to choke back tears of joy as he joined our hands in a marriage that will persevere throughout all of time and eternity.

8 years later and I feel the same feelings of thankfulness and joy that I had felt then. I was lucky enough to have found the One I had spent what felt like an eternity dreaming of.

Rather than having those feelings fade, they've only grown stronger as now we are in the process of raising 5 precious children.

Sure there are days when I consider it a miracle that there is still hair on my head, yet I wouldn't change shoes with any man on the planet, for anything in the world. I know that I was undeservedly blessed to have found my destiny- and it resides in the tender places of my wife's heart. As long as she is there by my side, there is no adversity too difficult, nor any refuge sweeter.

I love you with every fiber of my being Rhonda...

*raises glass* To the last 8 years... and to the next 80...

I love you baby.

Congrats on landing a good one and keeping her fooled for 8 years.

Congratulations!! I wish you both luck, and maybe you will be mentioned on Paul Harvey one day celebrating your 75th anniversary. Yes it will happen….

You are the most amazing man Josh. I have enjoyed our time together so far and look forward to a long life with you
and our beautiful children. I am madly in love with you and so proud to call you my husband.

DPT: thanks a think, *grin* By now she's no longer fooled... now she just endures...

Nate: If Paul Harvey ever mentions our 75th Anniversary, he'll be the bigger story than us seeing how he'll be around 180 years old by then! Kidding... I loved when he would do those announcements, I always wanted to be one of those couples...

Sweetheart: You are the most beautiful woman I've ever laid eyes on and I fall in love with you every time I look into those sweet green eyes... I look forward to crapping my pants with you in about 80 years... now that is TRUE LOVE.

I was going to say how sweet that was, right until I seen the crapping line

Statistically, from what I've read, if you pass the 7 year mark and still have that tight feeling in your gut whenever you see her, it's either love or serious acid reflux and ulcers as a result of a long relationship.

Something tells me you don't need the TUMS®.

Congrats to both of you.

lost: just as I'll be 80 years from now, sometimes I have a hard time controlling myself...

Rooster: thanks brah but trust me, I go through my fair share of rolaids...

I heard that last year when we were celebrating our 7th anniversary; Beware the 7 year itch, whatever that is.

I can appreciate how good I have it and there's no way I want to lose it!

You are right, I didn't even think of that. that would be a big story, although not as big as 75 years together, considering the days we live in. I have faith you two will make.

Nate: that's very kind of you, my best to you and your family!

Aww, that's so dang sweet.

Congrats to you both! :)

May you always have the sparkle in your eyes and unrelenting love in your hearts!

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary to you and your lovely wife.

What a wonderful gift.

Peakah, It's been 17 years since I walked down that isle! Seems like yesterday!! I know that with your guys's faith in God and your love for each other you'll go many years past 75!!! Congrats!!

*raises glass. ok, raises beer can....*

Congrats, yo! You two beat the odds!!
You have something blessed and special.

Me, I am now in year 17 of wedded blitz, errrr, bliss!!

It's totally cool.

Dang Peak - who's this Rhonda person - what did you do to Mrs. Peak?!?! Happy Anniversary - you've made it past the seven year itch and you are still in love! God bless you both now and forever - (but then - he already has!)

AH HA - a P.S. - Forgot to comment on the wonderful story you've given us. Thanks! ;-)

Congratulations on you anniversary man! Here's to 50 more, more if you live longer!

I hate to sound disingenuous, but I originally came by to tell you that I posting the first article in my weekly series on evolution tomorrow, and I was hoping you would swing by and check it out.


Good on you, my friend, good on you both.

Happy Anniversary to you and the Misses! That's a sweet story. You both look so beautiful and glowing in the picture. Here's hoping you have many, many more years together! :)

Great, thanks Peakah. I'm all blubbery now. What a sweet, beautiful post.

Congratulations on 8 years. May there be many, many, MANY more.


Thanks a lot for the well wishes everyone, that was a post I really enjoyed writing. I'm glad to see it was well read... My wife deserves the world but she wound up with me instead. Yet she cheerfully puts up with me still.

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