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Monday, March 13, 2006 

I'm a Quiz Taking Sucker

I am a sucker for these personality tests...
that alone probably tells me more than I need to know about myself.

Anyway, I've seen this at a few other places and wanted to see what generic results turn up on me... No surprises I guess... (with the exception of having a higher Femininity than Masculinity rating which is obviously a glitch!)

Let me know if you take this test too, I'll link to it below.

Results of fellow bloggers:
Tyler D
VW Bug
Rob Sama

Hmmmm....dynamic leader.

Yeah, I can see that!

Genuine Analyst.

Thank you my fellow "quiz sucker?!" - OK - sounds like a good name for it! Deep - Very Deep!

Thanks for the linky-love!

Glitch eh? lol

I was a little bothered that my masc was rated at 60 some percent but since the fem was at 100% I guess it's ok.

I thought this quiz was actually pretty accurate, especially since it told me some stuff that I know but am not all that comfy facing, like being extremely extroverted but not very open at all at the same time. Ew, I need therepy.

Yay that was fun! *g*

CUG: In my dreams

Tyler: no suprise there eh?

chrys: deep is my middle name

Uber: if an online quiz pushes you to therapy you're way too late ;)

Dynamic Analyst? What is the world does that mean!!!?

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