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Saturday, April 08, 2006 

Floating this Weekend Away...

I figure I better get out to Lake Mead before it gets 120 degrees and I accelerate any advancement of skin cancer I'm sure to induce this summer.

Having grown up in the heart of the Finger Lakes in Upstate NY, I've been pretty spoiled as far as lake exploration goes.

Lake Mead is just a big puddle created by the Hoover Dam but hey... it's water isn't it? And I need to be on it...

We don't have a boat (yet) so we'll just rent a pontoon boat (read: party boat), find a nice little cove and just kick back and relax. Perhaps we'll throw the kids into the nice ice cold water a time or two. Sounds like a plan...

Have a good weekend y'all.

Have a great time, yo!
That looks like a beautiful spot.

And, FIRST! ;)

Make sure you throw that kid that gave you the finger into the drink!

Ditto Wild Bill! Have fun for the rest of us!

Looks like a great time to be had--except for the cold water! Have seen pictures that make that look like a fun place. Enjoy!

Have a great weekend, Brah!!! Enjoy it you deserve it! I mean with playing Tiger Woods 06 all day long is hard work!!

Wow, what a day...

80 degrees but the wind made things a bit choppy...

No, I didn't toss the weasel in the water despite my intense desire to do so... the water was probably no more than 50 degrees.

Got a lil sun and wind burnt but we all had a great time... and slept like babies.

fm: if you like carp... there's plenty in lake mead...

wyatt: that's no joke!

*jammin on tha banjo*

Man that sounds awesome! Beautiful country. I could use a vacation. (Note to self...)

Hope you and the fam had a great time!

very funny lingo... very funny...

We would've been arrested if we DIDN'T have a cooler full o'brew!

But for those concerned parents out there... they were 'lite' beers...

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