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Wednesday, April 12, 2006 

Mentoring Tha Wease

Picture via DPGI v.2

In response to my son's bacon munching mishap,

MMMMmmmm Bacon

...the senior senator from the great state of Nevada demonstrates the "correct" way to flip someone off.

Harry Reid remarks,
"As Insolublog said, the kid has potential. But if he wants to survive here on Capitol Hill he needs a bit more emotion and an I'm gonna kick your arse snarl ready to snap at any second, especially when there exists the possibility that GW may walk around the corner at any time.
The President has a response of his own. A move practiced since before his presidential campaign began. Bush reassures 'Tha Wease',
"I like your instincts kid. Don't take no crap from anyone little man. Well, 'cept from maybe your daddy... Hey, can I have some of that bacon?
Then all of a sudden, one of my heros weighs in... Justice Scalia
Eh yo wease, iffa one o'dem minchione from the press give you any crap, just remembah dat Capitol Hill is nuttin but'a merdaio. Don'ta be afraid to give 'em da mostrare il dito medio."
Phew, wow... That's it for the manners lesson tonight little man. Now get your little butt to bed!

Hey! Put that finger away you little...

Musta been the bacon?! I still think he LOOKS like Hitler!


fm: ...that's my boy...

chrys: maybe Reid is pissed that my boy didn't give him the bacon?

Let's all give dingy harry the finger..... There!!

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