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Thursday, April 20, 2006 

My job finds me a new job

In a wee bit o'irony, I found myself a new job at our own career fair here in Las Vegas. Yup, I'm moving my working life out of my home office and into a good ole fashioned retail environment- and the career fair that I assisted in arranging- assisted me in arranging a new arrangement- huh?

It's time to find more established employment to provide my household of seven more security and finally some health benefits. Luckily we've skated by this long without them without any disasterous mishaps that could have really put us in the poorhouse. I've rarely had things work out when pushing my luck so... no whammies no whammies... STOP!

Ahhh... back to the suit and tie cubicle office life as I tackle the challenges of managing a retail store. No, I won't be able to work all day in my jammies, play Tiger Woods on the XBox while on the phone making sales, or sleep in as long as I want anymore. *shrug* All good things come to an end eventually, but only to make way for other good things right? Things are as we make them eh?

I'm writing as if I already have the job, when all I have done so far is finish the first interview with the store's recruiter... but with my irresistable charm and exceedingly good looks and professional background, there's no way I don't get this job. Particularly after the wonderful interaction I had with the store's employment gatekeeper.

Yikes, I hope they don't google my name and come across this post before my next interview on Monday with the regional manager!

Eh, I'm sure they'll understand... wish me luck!!

Good luck peak! I hope it works out for ya.

Good luck, Josh!!

Much good luck, McPeak. How in the world have you managed to sleep late with all the little ones? You haven't been giving them medicine, have you?! ;)

Thanks for the well wishes!

When I say sleeping in...
...that means 7am...

Just so you know, no one that has mentioned my name in an interview has ever been hired.

I know, surprising isn't it?

shoot, and I was planning on using my bloggin buds as all my references!

No one who has mentioned WHO?! Dang Peak - great set-up! I saw those people - they're all reading your blog as we type! Hope it's the best job you've ever attached to! X-BOX - nah - there's always lunch with Tiger!

Does that mean I should take down my "Peakah's Finally Out Of Prison" post? I would hate for them to Google that.

I mean, you did your time and paid your debt, so it's all in the past.

Really though, good luck.

Congratulations Peakah!!! I am happy for you. One way to look at it (not that this was a problem for you) is that after working in a cube with office politics, when you come home you will appreciate that life that much better.
I know I do…. Good Luck!!!

I bet the wife makes them take you!!! Ha! Good luck and Congrats I'm sure it will work out!!

And being manager, you can still blog right?!!

Aw, g'luck and congrats in advance Peakah! Let us know when the happy dance begins...

Good luck with the second interview. The job I start in a few weeks had 3 phone interviews, one 1 on 1 in person, and a 6 person gauntlet.

I'm hoping that it's worth all that :)

When they catch you bloggin', it's just internet research on, err uhm, Modern Techniques for Efficient Retail Management. Yeah. That's the ticket.

You will need one of these:


Perfect for cube life.

Good luck.

Good luck, bro.

I was just here to tell you to get a job and now you've gone and done it. You seem to beat me to the punch on these things.

I hope you get the job McPeak. I'll resist the temptation to make scurrilous accusations against in you jest. Your prospective employer might not find it amusing.

Just heard (Fox & Friends) that it's legal to surf while you're at your new job!

I know chrys means internet surfing, but I had this image of everyone coming to work in wetsuits, carrying a surfboard. Now that would be awesome!
Good luck with the job, Peakah!

Man, either they killed you or your hard at work already! See ya soon!

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Someone's working too hard! Just wishing you well and best health - work is a good thing! BUT,if anything else is going on - best to ya!

Then again - this slow post stuff has happened before and as soon as I become concerned - three or four posts (or a really important bunch of info) show up and I feel really stupid for the worry. ;-)

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