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Tuesday, April 11, 2006 

Redneck Athiests Pathetic Plea for Attention

UPDATE: The links below seem to be working again.

Courtesy of Stop the ACLU:

Who's twisted enough to wage a War on the Easter holiday? Well, these rednecks apparently are...

How pathetically desperate for acknowledgement can you possibly be to be determined to pass out 666 copies of the film 'The God Who Wasn't There' by Easter Sunday in Christian churches across America?!

Oh how clever... 666 copies...

Preying on those who have made the decision to live on their Faith in Jesus Christ is the mark of an empty and pathetic soul. Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about all Atheists, only the degenerate suckers involved in this story.

What possible effect could someone's faith and desire to worship the Son of Man, particularly on the holiday when the Resurrection is celebrated, have on one to create this sad hit piece on the One who bridged the gap between this world and the next?

Perhaps it was exposure to those who do unspeakable acts in the name of Christianity, forever souring their perception of the entire faith- for they do unfortunately exist... I've known some.

But to allow these imposters shape how you think and feel about the Supernatural when they actively violate the word they proclaim to embody is to have succumbed to weakness.

I know those who refuse to go to church services because they don't like those who attend the services. This completely misses the point of the services themselves- to commune personally, and at the same time, as a neighborhood with our Heavenly Father. An action by the way, which does not necessarily need to be done in a church building...

But to sabotage and attempt to destroy the faith of those who are sincerely struggling in their own right to commune with God and teach their children principals that will help them throughout the years of their lives is nothing more than a manifestation of evil and hatred.

If I found one of my boys picking up one of these pamphlets or movies that one of these scumbags left in the pew, they would have confirmation extremely quick of the existence of God...

...how Christian of me eh?

Pretty pathetic really!!

Links to the sites (except S.T.A.C.L.U.) seem to be 404.

Maybe God smote them.

Hmm...I seem to remember something about millstones...and flinging into the sea....

Let me know if you find them. I'll hold them down while you handle the millstone.

Ssss: no doubt!

RC: They were working this morning right after STACLU posted their story, within an hour they were shut down... (See UPDATE at top of post) ...I like your analysis that God smote them better than the Zionists got 'em!

RY: Deal!

fm: buwahahah, 'world of feces' ...a place they seem to have already created...

Not to worry about "how Christian" you are Peakah - you pass well - hands down! Remember Christ and the "money changers" - can't just blindly fall "lock step." Can't be kind to "fluff!" - some things need brought to light and corrected or left behind - pamphlets come to mind! ;-) I could go on - on - on - did I say "could go on" here?

Money changers were needed - the Romans wouldn't allow the Jews to use aany currency except Roman. They HAD to change their money for the Temple.

The story is fiction - and in two different places in two gospels. Check it out on Google.

chrys: thanks hon, that's nice to hear if only to verify my sanity at times...

Anonymous: The day I go to Google for biblical instruction is the day... well, nevermind.

Jesus wasn't upset that there were money changers, it was how the sacrifice in the Temple was losing its intent. The personal sacrifice of providing the best and most valuable of what you owned to be given up to the Lord foreshadowed the sacrifice of the best and most valuable of among us (Jesus Christ) to be given up as a sacrifice for our sins.

Jesus saw how the Spirit of the Temple was being corrupted by those who wished to capitalize on the innocent and well intentioned... diluting the spirit, meaning, and understanding of what a true sacrifice is.

Naa, I won't depend on Google for Gospel principals... I'll stick with good ole fashioned meditation and prayer.

Next time, don't be a stranger. (and try and make a point)

The assault on Christianity never ends, does it?

CUG: nope, the Atheists will get what they want long before the Christian majority will... so goes the trend anyhow.

How would your kids get confirmation of the existence of God? Would you give them a copy of Aquinas's proofs? Does God hold you in such esteem that he'd give you a lightening bold on command to strengthen your kid's faith? What?

Are you kidding me? Where are these dolts coming from anyway...

I'll teach them to look around them and appreciate the wonderous nature of the Earth. To learn as much about astronomy, biology, chemistry, history, geography, geology, world religions, philosophy, etc as possible... and yes, the scriptures. I'll teach them that joy is found through the sober service of their fellow man... you getting my drift?

I will not teach them to go to other houses of faith and leave literature proclaiming that all they are being taught is a lie. That is the work of weaklings who have no intelligent or spiritual foundation.

Any other questions?

Some of us atheists disagree with Flemmings' tactics and scholarship.

We obviously disagree with religious conservatives' as well.

Best regards,

BD: Got no problem with that! Glad to hear ya chime in brah... don't be a stranger.

...oh, and Happy Easter! *grin*

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