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Sunday, October 05, 2008 

Awww Yeahhhhh...

I'll be a dot of Blue in a sea of Cardinal Red and White! My birthday present this year is to see my team, the unbeaten Buffalo Bills visit the Arizona Cardinals this afternoon.

Sarge, Tyler, and the Weasel are going with me while the twins and my muffin hang with one of my old pals who now lives in Phoenix.

We'll be in the nosebleeds, Section 434, Row 1.

Let's GO Buff-ALO!

It sucks that they lost, but at least you saw a ton of scoring.

Yeah it was tough to root for the Bills with the child molester cardinals fan sitting behind us and constantly heckling... (photos to come)

But we did have a blast and it was fun to have the Buffalo Bills as the first NFL game my two sons and my wife ever attended. She being a cowboy fan, bit the bullet and supported my bills... what a sweetie.

The cowboys are in Phoenix this weekend but I fear I will not be able to reciprocate her sacrifice.

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