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Friday, November 25, 2005 

Tis the Season to be Pushy

everybody sing:
Haaa ha ha ha haaaaa
haaaa ha ha ha...

Drudge summed it up nicely with the headline:

Season's Beatings!!

Nothing like a little video footage of Darwinism in effect... although it's more survival of the greediest than anything else. However, being fit may help survive the stampede.

When all else fails, blame it on the security guy... yeah, more gratituous video... awesome eh?

My wife wanted me to go to Wal-Mart this morning to get the new Garth Brooks Box Set for half price! Luckily I got off of the hook and avoided the madness. I just don't do well in the "shopping" environment...

the frenzied energy exuded by those who shop with this air of total desperation gives me the heeebe-jeeebe's. I always come out of those places extremely drained. I volunteered to babysit instead. Yeah watching my 5 kids (+1 cousin which got me out of the shopping job) can be just as nutty as a packed mall, thankfully I control the environment in my own home. The mall however is a whole different planet.

The box set was purchased online... (thank you Algore for the Internet!)

Naturally we'll buy the obligatory gifts here and there but this year we really wanted to concentrate on the True Spirit of the Season and allow our kid's creativity to shine as they determine and make their own gifts for Gramma, Grandpa, Nana, Pawpaw, and everyone else.

Remember the difference in giving a gift that had hours and thought and heart invested in it as compared to those gifts that are purchased? I remember making little easy bake oven style stained glass Christmas ornaments each year when I was a kid.

I want our kids to feel and understand that spirit of energy investment for the benefit of others.

Not necessarily that this is somehow more virtuous or anything... money being tight this time of year makes this a much more attractive and realistic option anyway.

I remember the couple of years that were spent just trying to climb out of the debt that Christmas shopping had put us in, only to do it again the following year. There is so much more to the Christmas Holiday than that. I hope to convey that to my kids so that this season is more magical than only the tearing open of wrapped gifts... that the memories and feelings of love and charity gets experienced over the course of the next several weeks rather than over the course of a couple of hours on Christmas morning. That same Spirit of Charity and Love as exhibited by Jesus who's birth we are supposed to be celebrating.

My wife and I determined that our trip to Hawai'i this spring will be our Christmas present to each other this year, some well deserved time away and alone on a beach with the sun setting on the Ocean... cue the fruity drink creators!

Anyway, just seeing the news today of the human stampede into mega retailers reminded me of exactly what I don't like about the emerging attitude toward the Christmas Season. Not to mention the routine fights between those who wish to celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ and those who wish to extinguish any vestige of his influence in our society... yeah, US vs. The ACLU.

Ahhh yes... Hunting Season on American Christian Heritage has reopened.
Lock and load...

linked by Mensa Barbie: Whatever your plans today, hopefully you've stayed out of the shopping frenzy like Peakah!

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Gotcha linked bro!

That video was nuts, and a pefect example of why I buy my gifts throughout the year and just hold onto them for Christmass.

Just in case you aren't familiar with them yet, the American Center for Law and Justice www.aclj.org is the anti ACLU. I'm a card carrying member. Check it out.


My stepson waited 45 minutes outside Target to get some video crap. Me? I got to sleep in. I'll wait until the day before and be in Walmart at 2 A.M. with the rest of the procrastinators.

I told my wife no presents for me this year. We'll donate to charity instead.

Stay classy WalMart shoppers. There were several fights between men AND women at our local store yesterday, some requiring medical treatment. I wasn't paying close attention, but the stories made the local news. Idiots!

I'm shopping online this year. There isn't much to buy over here in cruddy little Binghamton. Driving to Syracuse just doesn't seem likely during these last couple weeks of school.

You're very right about the SPIRIT of the Holidays...not the gifts... If only more of my family would think that so I didn't feel the need to spend so much on the "perfect gift".

Dan: yeah, I'm aware of the forward momentum that the American Center for Law and Justice is currently gathering... it's good to have a strong group to counter balance the Communist tendencies of the ACLU... Hey, the Eagle of Freedom needs two wings to fly eh? A right and a left... otherwise we'll just spin in circles.

Sean: good for you my man... I was always one of the dopes in the mall on Christmas Eve just grabbing crap.

Jen: here too! There was constant and continuous news coverage of mall parking lots, fights inside of the malls, etc... it's soon to become a payperview event!

The Perfect Gift tends to be the one that comes from the heart. Sitting quietly enough for long enough time to hear the heart's whisperings is the hard part!

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