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Monday, December 19, 2005 

Dennis Quaid and Julia Roberts are Married?

So I've been told that my profile picture makes me look like Ted Nugent.

Well JJ (one of the writers at The Churning) had this link to share...

You upload a photo with your face in it, it gets scanned, then you find out what celebrities you supposedly 'look like'.

I gotta tell ya, we had a blast uploading photos and laughing at who it said we look like. It doesn't seem to be too accurate but who cares about accuracy when you get these type of results!

With this photo... I received these results:

I look like (with percentage ratings based on who knows what):
61% Dennis Quaid (I wish)
40% George Gershwin (gee, thanks I think)
40% Nicolas Cage (my wife always told me I had the same eyes)
40% Omar Sharif (!?!?)
39% George Clooney (in my dreams)

My wife's results:
71% Julia Roberts (Yeah baby!)
69% Benita Ferrero-Waldner (who?)
68% Kim Basinger (Yummy!)
66% Julianne Moore (bow-chicky-bowwww-boww)
65% Katie Holmes (sweet!)
63% Hillary Duff (not too shabby)
61% Drew Barrymore (groovy)
61% Kate Winslett (mmmmmmmm)
60% Jennifer Connelly (sweet!)

If I were female I'd look most like Nancy Sinatra and somehow I look 36% like Annette Benning although they don't explain in what universe that makes any sense...

I think I'll stick with the Ted Nugent references...

Uma Thurman
Celina Jaitley
Audrey Tautou

lol Still...that was fun.

Ah... Omar Sharif... He was in one of the my most favorite movies...

Doctor Zhivago... If you haven't seen it... it is a love story that takes place during the Bolshevik Revolution.

Omar... very sexy in that movie...he's definitely not a candy a$$.

That's quite the list Uber!

Cathy: *phew* I feel better now. I was getting worried for some strange reason.

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