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Sunday, November 27, 2005 

10,000th Visitor!

After a whole year I finally received my 10,000th Visitor!

It's from a place in the country that is near and dear to my heart... the land of the cheeseheads where I have fellow cheesehead relatives but I'm confident that this is not one of my hunting cuz's.

So, I'd love to hear from the 10,000th visitor from West Salem, Wisconsin.

How in the world did you find my site?
(they have internet access in the sticks?)

Are you related to the Fargens?
(if you are, please don't hold anything I did at the wedding in September against me!)

Did you bag any Deer this season?
(if so, can you send me some venison jerky??)


linked with Sean Gleeson's Bonfire of the Vanities #126

Congrats on your 10,000 visitor!


I hope you continue to make time for us little people.... ;-)

Peakah I missed out on the 10000 visitor milestone (you know why) so what should be the next milestone I set?

Jo: Thanks!

Cathy: like I'm something big! Only took 13 months to hit 10,000 and that includes my own visits to the site I think! It's a good think I don't do this for money, I'd have my power shut off by now.

DPT: I don't know why you missed it... was that when you got about 10000 in one day?!

The next milestone should be your 10000th poo story... should be approaching soon eh? *grin*

I'm pretty sure it was me.. (^___^)
My isp is both east & west (approx)

MB a cheesehead?!?! Now this is controversial. I always thought you were French or something (NOT that being French is bad or anything!!) Uhhh...

Guess that means I'm not going to get any venison jerky eh?

Congratulations, Peak!!! It is well deserved.

BTW, who is that friend of yours from your Halloween party? The hot babe you posted on Uber's site? I want her to be my wagon partner!!!

Congrats, Josh. :)

Hooray! 10,000 Happy Dance!

Wyatt: you just wanna get frisked, who you kidding...

Katey & Gunn: thanks...

you wouldn't happen to have any jerky would ya?

You know, I just realized this now when scanning through your posts... West Salem is like a 10 min drive from my house. It is probably someone I know.... Hmmm I know my friend Boo moved this last summer... maybe she moved up there (we're um... not EXACTLY talking to eachother on a regular basis so I don't know for sure if that's where she moved.)

ROFL... West Salem is hardly in the Sticks... but it's a nice bedroom community. When my aunt retires, she's thinking of moving up there.

Congrats Peak!

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