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Sunday, November 27, 2005 

Front Page News Sun Nov. 27th

Oh yeah...
This is an Open Post in the fashion that has been so scrutinized as of late...

Oh well, the heart of the blog-o-sphere beats on...

Here's the news for this weekend, leave me your posts in the trackback or comment section. I'll post them as they come in.

This is what I noticed on the way in:

At least the stampeders brought cash!
Wal-Mart signals strong start to holiday season

Ever been on a flight with one of these losers?
Passenger Urinates In Aisle, Diverts Orlando Flight

Kim Jong Mentally Ill disputes any unrighteousness on his dictatorship's part...
N.Korea says CNN execution image fabricated

This dynamic duo miss the only intriguing story of the Thanksgiving Parade!
NBC leaves Matt & Katie to twist in wind

This is what recapitulation gets you...
PA admits Jewish towns turned into 'training camps'

Will we follow suit?
Al-Qaida evidence along U.S. border?

Irish sister seeing things how they are...
Abortion survivor's speech aborted

The Lion Queen:
Lions Save African Girl From Abductors

Just what American Mosques needed:
Iran: 5000 Fanatic Muslim Clerics To US Mosques

Ya think the Euro's are getting the picture yet?
"There is a Real Fear of Radical Imams"

Islam's mainstream messiah...
Michael Jackson going Muslim?

Eligible bachelors of the world unite!
Jessica Simpson, Nick Lachey Officially Separating

I think I'll wait for next year's version...
Microsoft Reports Isolated Xbox Glitches

The rest is up to you my fellow free thinkers!
Just link to this post and I'll post your trackbacks as I get to them throughout the day.

trackback: http://haloscan.com/tb/peakah1/113306018155639261

This Open Post inspired by the good people of:
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Shoutin' Out to y'all in the Pub:

Adam's Blog submits: Do As They Say...Not as They Do
Once, years ago, I heard a heard a lecture by a rabbi on dating.

Choose Life submits: TTLB and Me
and when I went to check out my blog and email, the news was everywhere - NZ Bear's momentous decision to crack down on trackback parties.

Otimaster submits: "Sunday Open Trackback"
The main scope of the "Sunday Open Trackbacks" is to promote the existence of this blog.

The Uncooperative Blogger submits: Fox News Channel Will Not Air Factually Incorrect Ad
Fox News is refusing to air an ad critical of Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito, citing its lawyers' contention that the spot is factually incorrect.

Mensa Barbie submits: Why is this Man Smiling
Why is This Man Smiling? (I guess it pays to wait till MSM has the story settled with the left.)

Third World County submits: Teach your children well
There are two central problems I see facing the preservation of true civil liberties in America today.

Freedom Folks submit: The Torture Lexicon
Obviously there has been a lot of hand wringing of late over the issue of torture.

Is It Just Me? submits: A Case Of The Weather Blah's
Soup sounds good, a fire in the woodstove, and a warm blanket. While I ward off the shivers, feel free to share your posts and help me heat up this place a bit.

Diane's Stuff submits: Don't Fear The Bird Flu?
Every time I've read or heard about the Bird Flu The Stand is the first thing that comes to my mind

The Tar Pit submits: Fred Barnes pimps the Bush Amnesty
The Bush Amnesty would grant vast preferences to illegals who've also worked illegally, over potential guest workers who haven't broken our laws.

Stuck on Stupid submits: Yuletide Battles
The angry left is bound and determined to keep Christmas out of Christmas, defeat Samuel Alito's confirmation to the Supreme Court and go down to defeat against the terrorists in Iraq and elsewhere.

Conservative Cat submits: Who Do These American Soldiers Think They Are?
Last Wednesday on her show Laura Ingraham talked to Army Major Steve Warren and Coast Guard Commander Duke Walker about the situation in Iraq.

Call me a simple girl, but I don't get how to do the trackbacks... I feel so left out and incomplete...
[deep sigh]


Don't feel bad. I have no clue how to use the trackbacks either.

Thank God. I thought I was the only one.


I just figured it out myself, it's quite simple and I can explain it just by saying that it's a simple way to be a link whore and to bring in more traffic. That's really it.

All you have to do is put a link in one of your posts to this post here and let me know either by comment or by trackback. I'll post your post above and waaahhh-laaa... your link has been whored or something like that.

I don't think I'm going to do them much longer. It's just a cheesy thing to do when you don't have anything to write yourself.


When I don't have anything to write about, I just tell people I'm bored and let's hang out and party!

I know at least ONE person who responded. ;)

HAH! you put me on your list of OTers!


I'm more in the "not caring anymore, taking my ball home, and not playing anymore. etc. etc."

Josh, não sei se me dirijo a você em português ou inglês, já que disse falar um pouco espanhol e o inglês ficar um pouco distorcido nesses tradutores. No entanto, vejo que está bastante interado de todos os assuntos que estão lhe rodeando e infelizmente não sei manusear o tal track. Mas lembrei de ti e cá estou! Boa semana! Kisses and kisses!

Is there a translator in the house?? I understand the last two words however!

Kisses and kisses luma!!

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