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Monday, November 28, 2005 

Supreme Court Crumbles


We can be sure that more of the foundations of our Supreme Court will be shaken when Samuel Alito begins the Senate's Confirmation process! I haven't made my mind up on him yet but from what I've heard, I like him.
Nov. 28 (Bloomberg)
Samuel Alito's long paper trail presents an inviting target for Senate Democrats considering his U.S. Supreme Court nomination; the temptation to attack also carries political danger for them.

Unlike John Roberts -- President George W. Bush's choice to be chief justice, who breezed to Senate confirmation in September -- Alito ruled in hundreds of cases as a federal appellate judge. He also criticized several landmark Supreme Court rulings in a 1985 application for a job in President Ronald Reagan's administration. Opposition to Alito, 55, has coalesced around that memo, which faulted high court rulings protecting abortion rights and limiting school prayer.
What's not to love about this guy!
"I don't think the public has been told anything about Alito that troubles them" according to Washington analyst Jennifer Duffy.

I agree.

The Boston Globe makes no bones about how they feel! *laugh*
Republican supporters in Congress have said that any effort to block the Alito nomination through a Senate filibuster would be an outrage. Equally outrageous would be the country's return to the days before the Warren Court -- a darker, poorer time of liberty and justice for some.
Same ole line...

Man, I am soooo looking forward to that "darker, poorer time of liberty and justice for some." I want the liberty and justice just for me!!! I'm sick and tired of sharing it with everyone else. Well, I guess I'll have to at least share some of it with the Dark Lord Alito.

Alito must be the heart of darkness or something according to the twerps at the Globe...

Perhaps they should actually read and understand the Constitution and learn something. It's apparent from what I hear from Alito that he has!

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