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Tuesday, November 29, 2005 

You are Going to hear a Sucking Sound

There are a few stories about abortion that have popped up on the radar over the last week that well... leave an impression that is beyond words.

I'm not really sure what I can possibly say except that I've completely lost my appetite, and for a long time.

I really have no other words.

First: Offering Abortion, Rebirth
An 18-year-old with braces on her teeth is on the operating table, her head on a plaid pillow, her feet up in stirrups, her arms strapped down at her sides. A pink blanket is draped over her stomach. She's 13 weeks pregnant, at the very end of the first trimester. She hasn't told her parents.

Harrison glances at an ultrasound screen frozen with an image of the fetus taken moments before. Against the fuzzy black-and-white screen, he sees the curve of a head, the bend of an elbow, the ball of a fist.

"You may feel some cramping while we suction everything out," Harrison tells the patient.

A moment later, he says: "You're going to hear a sucking sound."

The abortion takes two minutes. The patient lies still and quiet, her eyes closed, a few tears rolling down her cheeks. The friend who has accompanied her stands at her side, mutely stroking her arm.

When he's done, Harrison performs another ultrasound. The screen this time is blank but for the contours of the uterus. "We've gotten everything out of there," he says.

As the nurse drops the instruments in the sink with a clatter, the teenager looks around, woozy.

"It was a lot easier than I thought it would be," she says. "I thought it would be horrible, but it wasn't. The procedure, that is."
*retch* ...that wasn't so horrible was it... just don't think about the soul that has just been sucked into the garbage...

Story number two: Fifty babies a year are alive after abortion
A GOVERNMENT agency is launching an inquiry into doctors' reports that up to 50 babies a year are born alive after botched National Health Service abortions.

"They can be born breathing and crying at 19 weeks' gestation," he said. "I am not anti-abortion, but as far as I am concerned this is sub-standard medicine."
How about considering it a sub-standard procedure to begin with... that's what it is. The absolute disregard and disrespect for human life is disturbing and is the fertilizer for the expansion of evil in the hearts of men.

Trees and animals are more protected than our country's babies.

But don't say a word: Abortion survivor's speech aborted
(from my post a couple days ago)
A 28-year-old abortion survivor was prohibited from speaking at an Irish college, which claimed the insurance premium was insufficient.

Gianna Jessen survived a saline abortion at the seven-month gestation stage period. As a result, she suffers from cerebral palsy, a disorder that is caused by flawed development of or damage to areas of the brain that control a person's ability to move and stand or sit upright. Jessen considers the disorder a gift. She has traveled the world sharing her story and being living evidence that abortion takes a human life.

Ultrasound, a pro-life student network arranged multiple speaking engagements for Jessen at Irish colleges.

Jessen was greeted at most colleges with a warm welcome, but University College Dublin officials tried to prevent her from sharing her testimony to students. Ultrasound was told that it needed to provide insurance for the event, and on the morning of the speech Ultrasound was told that the insurance did not meet the necessary requirements and that, therefore, Jessen could not speak.

No insurance broker could provide the coverage necessary to facilitate for the event, which UCD considered to be an extreme risk event. This was the first time this sort of insurance was required to have a speaker, leading some to believe that this was an attempt by the college to keep her from speaking.
An Extreme Risk Event??? Unless abortions are being performed on stage I fail to see the extreme risk of merely discussing an actual experience with abortion!


I've regularly taken this issue head on, usually solo, in college classes where this subject was debated. It broke my heart to watch the rationalization of particular desires cloud the fact that a miraculous and sacred event has occurred inside the body of a woman.

I realize that there are innumerable nuances that I can agree will facilitate the necessity of an abortion. You know what they are.

The non-shalant attitude and twisted perspective consistently fed to us despite the clear and present tragedy of abortions is nothing short of devious.

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Thanks for being here with the strong "stuff" - especially well presented - you can almost see each phase. Same with the Oakland/New York vandels!

For the past week I have been investigating abortion for a group presentation and I AM SICKENED...as are the rest of my groupmates. Doctors profit tremendously from these procedures and I've read a million personal stories from girls who say they were given no information about the fetus or other options. Those running the ultrasounds are often told to not to let the woman/girl see the monitor "in case she changes her mind".

There have been 46,000,000 abortions in the United States alone since 1973. 1/3 of generation Y was aborted as well as 1/4 of the current generation. But then we have the fact that Approximately 219 women die worldwide each day from an unsafe abortion, often because abortion is illegal in their country. The abortion rates do not change if it becomes illegal, the only thing that happens is that more women die of unsafe abortions.

I am still Pro-Choice, but as my groupmates and I have discussed, we're all in a gray area that can be a slippery slope. We believe it should only be done in certain situations, but that can be left up to someone's interpretation. I used to think that I would have no problem having an abortion. After what I have read I know that I could NEVER DO IT. If someone else wants to that's their choice, but these women and girls need to be better informed so they don't make a mistake...so many regret what they...and they did it due to a lack of information and counseling before the abortion.

I too read about the babies who survive, usually with disabilities. Can you imagine being that child...knowing that your mother tried to abort you? It's really sick, especially when you see that with many, if they're wiggling around after they are removed, that they stab scissors through their head. Tell me that's not MURDER!!!

Really moving picture of an aborted fetus:

There are more pictures in the links below that. Especially telling is the Salt Poisoning and Dilatation.

Thanks for the link, I'm glad other people are as outraged over abortion as I am.

- Michael, http://www.mwilliams.info

chrys: I can't read these news stories without something in me blowing a gasket... It's too passionate a subject with me.

Diane: Three of my kids were born just after the "date of viability" which is from what the doctors told me is the 24th week of pregnancy. My first son was born at 26th week and my twins were born the following year at the 25th week. The earliest surviving birth that I know of was at 22 weeks but I think there are a lot of developmental problems associated with its premature birth... obviously...

Incredibly all three of my 'lil drowned rats' (that's what they looked like after birth) made it in spades... they got the feisty McPeak blood ragin through 'em... My oldest is now 7 and the twins are 6. They are just fine...

When I hear about someone who's had a late term abortion, I can't help but look at my kids and tear up. How can someone in their right mind do something like that? I don't get it... don't want to either.

Jen: I too have studied it in detail... The first time I did was exactly when I went from Pro-Choice stance (due mostly out of ignorance and the fact that everone around me was too) to a more Pro-Life stance.

Those numbers are staggeringly depressing... Who knows what type of consequences are going to be reaped.

Not to mention all the money being made on the black market for fetal tissue... It's an insane amount of money being made off of our babies bodies.

Thanks for commenting on this post. I know this is a totally unpopular topic but it's one that really touches me... I was afraid that no one was going to comment on it due to it's controversial nature. It's a dark side of our reality that I do believe and Hope in the near future will be much more strictly regulated...

Michael: don't be a stranger!

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