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Monday, November 28, 2005 

Brits are Busted, Clark is Coo-Coo

Some damning videos have creep-ed up on the net this weekend!
Have you guys seen these yet?

First is this video taped hazing incident among the royal guard of the British army. Dude takes a gnarly shin upside the head and gets KO'ed while in the midst of taking orders from a wasted and twisted superior officer...

The next one was a series of videos allegedly taken by members of the AEGIS DEFENSE LTD, a British Security firm in Iraq, showing some incredible footage of cars following a security vehicle a little too closely being expertly shot up.

I'm having a hard time finding direct links to the video, Drudge took them down last night when I was watching them. The Aegis rogue site is no longer showing them that I can find anyway. They were wild.

Upon further reading I found out how the Irish feel about this company! There's no shortage of controversy surrounding Tim Spicer, the owner of Aegis...

If anyone knows what videos I'm talking about and where I can find them, if they're still around, let me know.

Anyway, what a weird weekend... it doesn't get any better...
Mensa Barbie posted about this yesterday.

Ramsey Clark, a traitorous scumbag former Attorney General under LBJ, arrives in Baghdad today to assist in the legal council for Saddam Hussein! Can anyone in their right mind explain this please??

Naturally, his motives are pure...
"Our plan is to go to court in Baghdad on Monday morning representing the defense counsel as defense support. A fair trial in this case is absolutely imperative for historical truth to justice obviously," Mr. Clark told Reuters news agency in Amman.
Really? Is that really your intent Ramsey?

We'll see what type of arguments he uses to bury and make inadmissible particularly damning information about Saddam, then we'll see how concerned he is about historical accuracy!

linked at Stop the ACLU, The Political Teen, Michelle Malkin

Come on, give Clark a break! If anyone knows about failed administrations, it's him! I hope he gets Saddam off, and he can be free to rule again.

Hmm. Kind of reminds me of the Abu Ghraib photos the moonbats made such a fuss about. And they went nuts when Rush equated them to hazing rituals. Rush was right.

You can find a direct link to the footage here: Resist AU

What a great site
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